New and Improved Pumptec

In the last issue of Franklin Aid we spoke on only breaking one wire with a control switch. Since then we have received calls that felt not enough emphasis was placed on the shock hazard potential involved with only breaking one wire. Franklin’s primary concern with all information is the safety of the men and women of our industry. Please be careful.


New and Improved PUMPTEC: As part of our efforts to continually improve submersible motor products, Franklin Electric has made several enhancements to the PUMPTEC Pump Protection System.


Diagnostic Indicator Lights: The most noticeable change is the addition of two lights: a green “POWER ON” light and a red “TRIPPED” light. The “POWER ON” light illuminates whenever power is applied to the PUMPTEC. Since PUMPTEC installs after the pressure switch or control switch, this normally means the pump/motor is running. If PUMPTEC detects an underload condition such as occurs with a dry well or broken shaft, it disconnects power to the motor and illuminates the “TRIPPED” light. Once the adjustable recovery or delay time elapses, PUMPTEC reapplies power to the motor and turns off the “TRIPPED” light. Auto-reset recovery time is still adjustable from 2 to 90 minutes or PUMPTEC can be set for manual reset only. Continue reading