CP Water = Franklin Electric Innovation

Franklin Electric is pleased to announce its latest motor innovation. After extensive laboratory and field-testing, we would like to introduce CP Water.

CP Water is an innovative system that solves what has plagued rural homeowners for years – getting city-like water pressure from their wells. People moving from municipal to private water well systems tend to be unaware of 2 things – the need for a large pressure tank and the inherent pressure cycling present in a conventional water well system. CP Water is a submersible motor system that maintains constant water pressure using a high-speed, variable speed motor and a sophisticated electronic control.

CP Water consists of a specially designed motor and control unit. The concept is really pretty simple. Standard water system motors are single speed. The Franklin CP Water is designed to vary the speed (rpm) of the motor to give you variable Hp from one motor. When you need more water, it runs faster. When you need less water, it runs at a slower speed. Continue reading