Generator Sizing for Submersible Motors

Last issue we discussed alternative energy. This time we would like to help eliminate some of the mystery and confusion that occurs when sizing a portable generator. Obviously Y2K has prompted an influx of power loss concerns, but generators have always been used with submersible motors.

Safety First: If you are adding a generator for Y2K or other emergency power needs to your present power supply, you must follow all local, state, and national electrical code requirements. One of the most commonly overlooked safety devices is a TRANSFER SWITCH. A transfer switch is required by the National Electrical Code (NEC) and is used to isolate the utility electrical supply from your generator. If this is not done, your generator can backfeed into the utility lines causing serious injury or death to you, your neighbors, or utility work crews.

In addition, always read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions. Properly ground your generator per manufacturer’s instructions and local electrical codes. Also remember, generators use fuel to operate. Proper ventilation is required for exhaust fumes, and never re-fuel the generator while running. Continue reading