Product and Service News

Service Update – New Field Service Engineer

Providing service in the field after the motor sale is very important to Franklin Electric. Last year, we added Darol Hayse (Central US) and Adolfo Mu?z (Mexico) to our submersible service team. This year, we?ve added Rick Hicklin. Rick has been in the water systems industry for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience to Franklin. Rick will be covering the Western United States, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. He can be reached at his voicemail of 260-827-5122 or by calling the Submersible Service Hotline.

New Product – 8-Inch Sand Fighter?
Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Sand Fighter product line – the 8-Inch Sand Fighter?. The 8-Inch Sand Fighter? uses the same exclusive sealing system as the highly successful 6-Inch Sand Fighter? introduced last year. Now, Sand Fighter? is available in all-standard 6-Inch and 8-Inch voltages and horsepowers.
This means that there are now two choices for fresh water applications: Franklin?s standard water well motor seal construction or the exclusive Sand Fighter? sealing system. For corrosive environments, the Sand Fighter? sealing system is standard in Franklin Electric?s 6-inch Ni-Resist construction. It is also standard in both 6- and 8-inch, 316 Stainless Steel motors and all 8-inch Severe Duty motors.
New AIM Manual
The updated Franklin Electric Application, Installation and Maintenance (AIM) Manual is here! You may order your print copy today from our website,, or by calling 800-348-2420 (press 2 when prompted). Of course, the entire updated manual is also viewable, searchable,and printable from our web site. Improvements to the manual include:
? Wire sizing charts for both 60°C and 75°C rated insulation;
? Wire sizing charts for 6-lead (wye-delta) motors;
? Updated fuse and circuit breaker information per the latest NEC specifications;
? New variable speed/inverter drive specifications;
? Troubleshooting information on Franklin?s Pumptec, QD Pumptec, Pumptec Plus, Subtrol Plus and CP Water.
Large Motor Warranty Procedures
For OEMs, Distributors, and FAMS Shops     (Note: This applies to the U.S. and Canada only)
Last year, Franklin Electric announced an improved warranty procedure for 6- and 8-inch motors that provides immediate warranty disposition for our OEM customers, distributors, and Franklin Authorized Motor Service (FAMS) shops. This simple procedure provides warranty disposition within one business day. If you are not already familiar with it, here?s how it works:
1. If a warranty situation occurs, the OEM, distributor, or FAMS shop should obtain a Warranty Claim form (2723) from the Franklin Electric Service Hotline by calling 800-348-2420.
2. Complete the Warranty Claim form, and fax to: 260-827-5102
Be sure to include a contact name, a telephone number, and a return fax number.
3. A Franklin Electric Headquarters Service Engineer will review the claim within one business day. In a few cases, he may contact the originator for clarification prior to approval. Approved warranties will be faxed back to the originator of the claim; that is, the pump OEM, distributor or FAMS shop. In any case, warranty disposition will be returned within one business day after receipt of the original fax. Shipping and handling instructions (including preferred freight carriers for returning the motor) will be included with the approved warranty.
4. Once approved, the originator can take the Franklin approved warranty form to his local FAMS shop and exchange the warranted motor for a replacement; ? OR ? the originator can ship the motor, freight collect, directly to Franklin Electric. The original warranty claim should be included with the shipment. Since Franklin Electric can only reimburse one ?leg? of return freight, motors should be shipped directly to Franklin rather than through the OEM.
5. Fax or mail the Bill of Lading to Franklin Electric. Credit or replacement of the failed motor will be issued upon receipt (fax). If a Bill of Lading is not received, credit or replacement will be issued upon receipt of the motor. Credit or replacement will issued through the OEM or FAMS shop processing the claim.
If you have any questions, call Franklin?s Submersible Service Hotline at 800-348-2420