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Hitachi Control Boxes Cause Premature Failure of Franklin Electric 15 HP Motors
Laboratory testing has established that Hitachi 15 HP control boxes will cause premature failure of Franklin Electric 15 HP motors. The Hitachi boxes are easily identified by their red color, while the Franklin Electric boxes are a blue-gray color.
The Hitachi 15 HP control box was designed for use with Hitachi single-phase motors. It is not compatible with Franklin Electric motors for a variety of reasons. The most significant reasons are described below.

The Hitachi control box has considerably lower capacitance than the Franklin Electric control box. Total start capacitance is 60% of Franklin’s, and run capacitance is only 50% of Franklin’s.
The Hitachi control box does not contain a lightning arrestor.
The Hitachi control box does not have a start-winding overload.

The lower run capacitance in the Hitachi control box will cause a Franklin motor to operate at a higher current, often exceeding service factor amps. This will result in a higher operating temperature and will shorten the life of the Franklin motor. Therefore, the Hitachi control box is NOT compatible with Franklin motors, and Franklin motors used with Hitachi control boxes are not covered by Franklin’s warranty.The lower start capacitance in the Hitachi control box will also reduce the starting torque of a Franklin Electric motor, and may cause starting problems in certain installations. Continue reading