Franklin Tech

Franklin Electric’s commitment to the water systems industry is unmatched. This is especially apparent when it comes to continuing education and training. Last year alone, Franklin presented 41 all-day training seminars to 1500 attendees in North and South America. This does not include Franklin’s participation in numerous State Continuing Education, distributor and dealer meetings. What is Franklin Tech? Several months ago, you likely received notice about Franklin Electric’s newest training seminar, Franklin Tech. A 1½ day course held at our Siloam Springs, Arkansas facility, Franklin Tech is designed to provide water systems professionals hands-on troubleshooting experience. The doors opened in February 2001 to an overwhelming response: all of the originally scheduled classes for 2001 were filled early in the year, and an additional session had to be added to accommodate the overflow. We have had excellent feedback and look forward to continuing the program indefinitely.

-Motor Basics and Construction

-Submersible Motor Installation

-2-Wire/3-Wire/3-Phase Motor Service and Troubleshooting (Hands-on)   • Control Box Service and Troubleshooting (Hands-on)

-Motor Protection

-SubDrive 75 and Variable Speed Drives

An added feature of the course is a tour of Franklin’s 4-inch motor manufacturing facility, which is co-located with the training center.

How is Franklin Tech different?

The Franklin Tech curriculum was created based on feedback we received from our annual submersible motor seminars. Over the years, seminar participants have consistently asked for more hands-on training to complement their technical knowledge. With the advent of Franklin Tech, water systems professionals now have the opportunity to attend an interactive seminar which simulates troubleshooting scenarios for them to resolve. Although the actual content continues to evolve and improve based on the recommendations of those who attend, the topics covered are:

-Electrical Concepts

-Using Electrical Meters (Hands-on)

Who can attend Franklin Tech?

Franklin Tech opens its doors to any water systems professional. There is no charge for attendance, and Franklin Electric provides room accommodations (two nights), meals, and ground transportation between the training center and the hotel. All necessary lab and training equipment is also provided at no cost. Because space is limited to 25 attendees per session, all participants must pre-register by calling the Submersible Service Hotline at 800.348.2420, or by sending an e-mail request to Private training sessions for large groups are also available and can be scheduled on request as time permits. There is a 15-participant minimum for private sessions.

New Control Box Rating

Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the re-rating of its 1.5 Hp control box. Beginning in Mid-October 2001, the Hp rating on control boxes with model number 282 300 81xx was changed to allow the box to be used with either 1 Hp or 1.5 Hp motors. This change was made in response to reports from installers that in 1 Hp installations where large size wire is used (e.g. deep settings with long drop cable), the limited space in the QD enclosure made wire connections difficult. The larger enclosure of the dual rated box provides more room for the installer to work.

It is important to note that while the Hp rating has changed, the components of the control box have not. However, because 1 Hp Franklin motors have internal overload protection, the overload in the dual rated control box is not a problem. Of course, the 1 Hp QD and CRC control boxes are still available, and both the old and new ratings are covered under Franklin’s UL recognition.

6″ Bolt Change

In November 2001, the bolts that attach the top end bell to the stator on Franklin’s 6″ encapsulated motors were changed from ½ -20 to ½ -13 bolts. This change reflects a quality improvement, as the ½ -13 bolts have better high-speed power driver performance. The change will likely be transparent in the new motor market, since the bolts are installed in the Franklin Electric manufacturing process. However, should service be required for 6″ motors manufactured prior to November 2001, this change must be taken into account, as the ½ -20 and ½ -13 bolts are not interchangeable and the bolt and stator threads must match. To assist our service network, all replacement stator kits that require ½ -13 bolts will have a set of bolts shipped in the box with the stator. Should you have any questions regarding either the new control box rating or the 6″ bolt change, please contact Franklin Electric’s Submersible Service Hotline at 800.348.2420.