15 hp X-Large Control Box

Over the past year, pump installers and others in the field have asked us for a 15 Hp control box option which features more room and larger lug capacity required for deep sets or long utility power runs. In addition, end users have asked for an increased cycle rating on the 15 Hp control box to handle heavy duty applications.

As a result of these requests, Franklin is pleased to introduce our new 15 Hp X-Large Deluxe Control Box. This control box features approximately twice the area of the standard 15 Hp deluxe control box, and it carries a cycle rating of 10 starts per hour, up to 100 start cycles per 24-hour period. It also features numerous knockouts for up to 2″ conduit, and the incoming power and motor lugs accept AWG #14 to #00, while the control loop lugs accept AWG #20 to #6. Like the standard box, the new X-Large Control Box enclosure is rated NEMA 3R, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications within a temperature range of 14°F to 122°F. It has a built-in magnetic contactor, start and run overloads, and a surge arrestor. Of course, the X-Large Control Box is also UL recognized.

For typical applications, the standard 15 Hp box may still be the best choice. However, the 15 Hp X-Large Deluxe Control Box is a problem solver specifically for those applications that require heavy wire to enter the box, or for applications with higher cycle rates. For more information about the 15 Hp X-Large Deluxe Control Box, log on to our website at http://www.franklin-electric.com or call our Submersible Service Hotline at 800.348.2420.

Capacitor Change in 3 Hp Control Box

In April 2002, Franklin changed the run capacitor in 3 Hp 230 Volt 60 Hz single-phase control boxes from 35 mfd to 45 mfd. This increase in run capacitance provides even smoother motor operation and increased efficiency. The table below illustrates how the increased run capacitance will change the motor performance specifications listed on page 13 of the AIM Manual. (Changes are in bold.)

Control box models affected by this change are 282 302 8110 (standard) and 282 302 8310 (deluxe). These model numbers will not change. You should note that control boxes with 45 mfd run capacitors are compatible with 3 Hp 230 Volt single-phase motors already in the field.

Should you have any questions about this change, please contact our Submersible Service Hotline by e-mail at hotline@fele.com, or by telephone at 800.348.2420.

 Product Update:
PT100 Temperature Sensors You may recall that the PT100 is a platinum wire precision resistor placed in a special stud bolt. The PT100 replaces one of the top motor bolts and can be installed in Frankln 6-inch and 8-inch encapsulated or 8-inch Severe Duty motors. Since we introduced the PT100 accessory in our May/June 2001 edition of Franklin AID, we fielded several questions and have implemented some changes that you need to know about when dealing with PT100 sensors in Franklin motors.

In November 2001, Franklin changed the top end bell bolt thread on our 6-inch submersible motors from a fine thread (1/2-20 UNF) to a coarse thread (1/2-13 UNC). Understandably, this change affects PT100 selection for 6-inch motors. PT100s for 6-inch motors are now dependent on date of manufacture: motors manufactured prior to and including October 2001 use the 1/2-20 thread PT100, while motors manufactured in December 2001 and later use the 1/2-13 thread PT100. Motors manufactured in November 2001 must have their thread type verified for correct selection of a PT100. The following chart lists the part numbers associated with each motor type.

 In addition to the 6-inch product change, further clarification with regard to PT100s and Severe Duty motors is necessary. Torque specs published in the May/June 2001 Franklin AID were the same for all 8-inch motors, including Severe Duty. This is incorrect. Severe Duty PT100s use a 1/2″ thread that should be torqued to 40-45 ft-lbs. (54-61 Newton/meters).

Finally, the highest surface control monitoring set temperature included in that Franklin AID was 60°C. Because Severe Duty Motors can be used in temperatures up to 90°C, please note that the maximum setting is 40°C above ambient temperature. The preferred set point is 10-15°C above the normal operating temperature for the application.