The Super 90 Submersible Motor

An Exciting New 6” Specialty Product With Many Proven Features

Super 90 submersible motors are available in three-phase ratings of 5 hp through 40 hp

The Super 90 premium grade encapsulated submersible motor is a problem solver for the geothermal market and for other applications that have temperature, cooling flow, or thrust conditions that exceed the design limits of standard submersible motors.


 -Excels in low-flow or no-flow applications such as reservoirs, wet wells, large diameter well casings, and lake or pond installations (typical of golf course and irrigation systems) with ambient water temperatures of up 86°F (30°C).

-Operates in water temperatures up to 195°F when water flow past the motor is at least ½ foot per second. No need to down-rate the motor.

-Franklin Electric’s newly developed high temperature encapsulation technology permits the motor to operate at elevated temperature levels.

-Allows for a 25% increase in the capacity of the down-thrust bearing when compared to standard submersible motors. The design change to an upthrust bearing results in 100% more upthrust capacity than standard motors.

-Lead assembly features 125°C cross-link polyolefin (XPLO) wire and is designed to be field replaceable.

-Available in standard 300 series stainless steel or 316 stainless steel Corrosion Resistant models. Continue reading