MonoDrive: Constant Pressure Available for Single-Phase Systems

 The MonoDrive is the newest member of Franklin Electric’s Constant Pressure family. It is designed to answer the need posed by many home owners and water well contractors for a constant pressure system that can be installed on existing 3-wire single-phase water systems. It is great for homes that have a wide range of flow demand with performance in the ¾ or 1 Hp range, and with MonoDrive there is no need to replace the pump, motor, or the pressure tank that are already in place.

Easy Upgrade For Existing Systems
The CP Water MonoDrive is intended for use with conventional ¾ Hp or 1 Hp pump and motor systems that are currently installed. The existing pump, motor, and pressure tank can be used to keep installation costs low. Simply install the MonoDrive controller in place of the 3-wire control box and replace the pressure switch with the pressure sensor that is provided with the MonoDrive unit. Continue reading