SubMonitor Pump Protection: Much More than an Overload Sensor

As all water systems professionals know, a submersible installation can be a tough environment for both pump and motor. Sometimes, no matter how professional the installation, things out of an installer’s control can severely damage a customer’s investment. The answer to such problems is the SubMonitor pump protection system, which offers state-of-the-art protection for Franklin 3- phase installations all the way from 5 through 200 Hp. The SubMonitor system keeps track of voltage and current, as well as motor temperature in motors equipped with Subtrol heat sensors. Introduced in 2004, SubMonitor protection will shut down a motor in the event of a variety of fault conditions including high voltage, low voltage, overload, underload, false start, current unbalance, overheating, phase loss and phase reversal. The unit is easy to set and read. And, one model covers all ratings – without rating inserts. Continue reading