Assembly of 4-Inch Motors and Pumps

As a water systems professional, you probably assemble large motors and pumps in the field on a regular basis. However, there are also occasions when you may need to assemble smaller 4-Inch pumps to motors, either in the field or back in the shop. For example, the assembled unit you took to the job site may not turn out to be the one you actually need. You might have planned on installing a 115 V unit, but you discover at the job site that you actually need a 230 V motor instead. If you have that 230 V motor on the truck, you can simply switch motors. In other cases, you may not have the right GPM pump rating and motor combination, and you have to “mix and match”. Finally, for a variety of reasons, some contractors simply prefer to purchase their pumps and motors separately, and perform the assembly themselves.
In this issue of Franklin AID, we’ll review the proper procedure for assembling a 4-Inch pump and motor in the field. The steps are straightforward, but merit a quick review.
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