New Tools for Your Business

As a water systems professional, you wear a lot of different hats: groundwater expert, overall technical expert, businessperson, and salesperson … the list goes on. With all the different roles you fill, you need more than wrenches and drill rigs and voltmeters in your proverbial tool bag to get the job done. This issue of Franklin AID introduces a few new “tools” from Franklin Electric. Each is designed specifically to support you and your business.

SubDrive Troubleshooting Chart
Franklin Electric’s constant pressure product line (SubDrive and MonoDrive) just keeps getting better. For example, NEMA 4 is now available across the board in SubDrive product to allow installation almost anywhere. In addition, the new Duplex Alternator allows you to alternate between parallel systems when necessary. As with any product though, sooner or later you’ll run into a situation you need to troubleshoot. That’s where our new SubDrive Troubleshooting Quick Reference Guide comes in. This single, laminated sheet lists the troubleshooting scenarios you are most likely to encounter at a SubDrive installation, along with possible causes and corrective actions. Of course, the SubDrive installation manual is still the comprehensive guide, but the new sheet (number M1567, when ordering) is a convenient reference you can keep in your “toolbox” or truck. To order one of these free tools, visit our website at and click Literature Orders from our Water Systems page.

Constant Pressure Website
We can provide some tools for you on the sales side, as well. For most customers, a constant pressure system will be an upgrade. That means someone (usually you, the water systems contractor) must explain the benefits of it to the homeowner. In many cases, the homeowner wants to “think things over”. That’s where our constant pressure website comes in. This valuable tool can help you close the sale on a Franklin constant pressure system. It contains a wealth of information directed at the consumer, including an interactive demonstration of how a variable-speed, constant pressure system works. It also details all the benefits of SubDrive/MonoDrive, and lets users search for qualified SubDrive/MonoDrive dealers in their area. If you’re a Franklin Key Dealer and not on the list, contact our Key Dealer program administrator at 260.827.5255. By the way, the web address says it all: making them far less expensive to manufacture.

MonoDrive TestDrive
Speaking of constant pressure sales tools, don’t forget about the MonoDrive TestDrive. As a quick review, SubDrive uses single-phase input power to control a three-phase motor. MonoDrive, on the other hand, offers a variable-speed, constant pressure system by using the existing single-phase three-wire motor already installed. To help you demonstrate the benefits of constant pressure to homeowners with existing three-wire systems, we offer the TestDrive.

The TestDrive is a special QD Control Box cover that temporarily replaces the existing (standard) QD Control Box cover. The new QD cover connects to a MonoDrive controller, and after connecting the pressure switch using the faucet adapter provided in the kit, it’s ready to go! You’ve easily turned a conventional three-wire system into a constant pressure system in minutes. With TestDrive, you can give homeowners the option to see what life is like with constant pressure…without them having to buy anything up front! Dealers can use their MonoDrives equipped with the TestDrive from one house to the next, installing new MonoDrives for those homeowners who say, “I want one!” Contact your local Franklin representative or our Technical Service Hotline to find out more.

4-inch Assembly Tool
Here’s an item we wish we’d thought of years ago: our 4-inch assembly tool. This simple piece of equipment offers a convenient way to secure a 4-inch motor while assembling the pump to it. If you don’t have one yet, contact your local Franklin representative or our Technical Service Hotline.

Something you may not think of as a tool is training. Franklin offers seminars keep you up-to-date and sharp on troubleshooting techniques and product applications. To enhance our offering, we are pleased to announce the opening of our third dedicated training facility, our FranklinTECH Grant County, Indiana campus. Grant County is home to Franklin’s electronics manufacturing, allowing us to focus on SubDrive/MonoDrive training in this facility. The Grant County campus joins those in Wilburton, Oklahoma and Bolton, Ontario as facilities dedicated to helping you, the water systems professional, become even better at your job.

Of course, don’t forget the other tools available to you from Franklin Electric: the expertise of your local Field Service Engineer, your Territory Manager, and our Technical Service Hotline. And, when you need a definitive answer at the job site, there’s nothing better than having a Franklin AIM Manual at hand. At Franklin, we’re dedicated to serving the professionals that make up this industry, and we’ll continue to develop the tools to do it.

SubDrive Duplex Alternator
Franklin Electric’s new SubDrive Duplex Alternator provides water systems professionals the ability to alternate between two parallel pump/motor assemblies controlled by separate SubDrives. Based on user-selected run time, the Duplex Alternator evenly disperses workload of two SubDrive systems by balancing the run time of each unit.

The Duplex Alternator works with all Franklin SubDrive and MonoDrive products. Contact your local distributor for more information.