Certified Contractor Program

The water systems professionals who install Franklin Electric products are in a class by themselves, and Franklin Electric takes a great deal of pride in our commitment to their technical training. For example, in 2007, we presented 677 hours of technical training to 5,500 water systems contractors and distributor personnel. In 2007, we also opened dedicated training centers in Wilburton, Oklahoma and Bolton, Ontario. Then, this January we cut the ribbon on our Electronics Training Center in Grant County, Indiana. No one else in our industry can compare.

 No matter what the level of expertise, training is good for everyone. Not only does it keep us up-to-date with products and service techniques, it also makes our industry more professional. Finding the time and making the commitment to on-going technical training is not easy, however. It takes travel, effort, and time away from the business.

As proud as we are of the technical training that Franklin Electric provides the industry, one thing has been missing till now: recognition. When you make a commitment to attend FranklinTECH, we want to recognize that time and effort. To that end, we are pleased to announce our Franklin Certified Contractor initiative. This program is designed to distinguish those contractors who have made a commitment to Franklin products, and their proper application and troubleshooting.

Meeting the Criteria

What does it take to become Franklin Certified? We’ve tried to keep the requirements significant, yet simple. Basically, it requires your attendance at one of our 1- or 2-day FranklinTECH training sessions. You can do this at one of our three training centers, or at one of the regional FranklinTECH seminars that we present “on the road”. Anyone who has attended one of these knows that the training is comprehensive, and particularly at our training centers, hands-on. The curriculum includes:

• Basic electricity

• Jet pumps

• Centrifugal pumps

• Basic pump curves

• Pump sizing

• Submersible motor construction

• 2-wire motors

• 3-wire motors

• Control boxes

• Basic meter usage and troubleshooting

• SubDrive QuickPAK

• AIM Manual overview

Note that we’re talking about a full-day session at a minimum. There are two other requirements. You must be, or be employed by, a Franklin Key Dealer. If you’re not already a Franklin Key Dealer, contact your local Franklin Electric Territory Manager for details. Also, if your state has licensing requirements, you must hold the appropriate water systems certification.

What’s in it for you?

Once you become “Franklin Certified”, you will receive clothing patches for your shirts and jackets, along with a certificate of completion. Your firm will also receive a plaque for your place of business. Perhaps most importantly, your firm’s name will be given priority listing in the Dealer Locator section of the Franklin Electric website. This will be especially useful when you need to close a sale. For example, on those occasions when the homeowner wants to “think things over for a couple of days”, you can direct him to our website.

There is a wealth of information to support his decision, including your listing as a Franklin Certified Contractor.

 Testing Out

What if you’re already a highly experienced water systems contractor who has attended FranklinTECH? In this case, we have a mechanism for you to test out of the first level of certification without starting over. If you have been installing Franklin Electric products for 5 or more years, and if you’ve attended an all-day FranklinTECH session within the last 2 years, you are eligible to take an open-book test to earn your certification. The questions are essentially right out of our Application, Installation, and Maintenance (AIM) Manual. Your Franklin Field Service Engineer has all the details.

Expert Levels

Up to now, we’ve been talking about our initial (Base Level) certification program. For those contractors who have already become certified and want more in-depth training, we will also be adding Expert Levels. Our first Expert Level certification will cover irrigation and industrial topics.

The emphasis in the Irrigation & Industrial course is on three-phase and higher horsepower applications. Topics include:

• Submersible turbine pumps

• Large pump sizing

• Large motor construction

• Proper application of large submersibles

• Three-phase electricity

• Three-phase control panels

• Three-phase troubleshooting

• Large aboveground centrifugal pumps

• SubDrive troubleshooting

• SubMonitor

As in any industry, it is important for you to be recognized for your commitment to professionalism. Becoming a Franklin Electric Certified Contractor will provide a way for you to differentiate yourself, and to demonstrate your dedication to technical excellence on Franklin products.

This AID from the Archives was originally published in March/April 2008. To view previously printed AIDs before date, please visit http://www.franklin-electric.com/franklin-aid.aspx.