Pump selector

Through innovation and product expansion over the last several years Franklin Electric has been able to expand into new markets and offer the same complete pumping systems our motors have powered for years. One of the fastest expanding product lines, Industrial and Irrigation (I&I), now offers full water systems.
Franklin Electric turbine pumps, known as the ST and STS Series, are designed for irrigation, farm use, and municipal and commercial applications. Franklin’s 6- and 8-inch large submersible turbines have flow ratings of 100 to 375 gpm for 6-inch pumps, and 225 to 1,000 gpm for 8-inch pumps. These features promote efficiency, abrasive resistance, proven longevity, and corrosion resistance.

Franklin also manufactures large and small radial pumps. The SR Series 6- and 8-inch pumps are built for corrosive water, municipal and industrial applications. These stainless steel submersible pumps come in 70, 100, 150, 240 and 300 gpm flow ratings for 6-inch models, and 400 and 475 gpm for 8-inch models.

Franklin’s high capacity radial 6-inch pumps come in flow ratings from 50 to 125 gpm. This makes the radial pump the most economical pump in the industry for its flow rates and is designed for agricultural, fountain and livestock watering applications.

End suction centrifugal, booster and sprinkler pumps help complete the I&I family of products. These pumps are covered by the D-Series, F-Series, and I-Series, end gun booster, Turf Boss, gas engine, multi-stage booster, and water truck lines, available in flow ratings up to 6,000 gpm. Franklin centrifugal pumps provide complete water systems for applications from irrigation to dewatering and land reclamation.

Franklin Electric offers a vast amount of pumps for a number of applications; with so many options it may be difficult to decide which pump will work best for your application. Pump Selector is an internet-based program from Franklin Electric created to aid in pump sizing and selection.

By entering in a few pieces of information like design points, fluid properties and motor sizing, Pump Selector can quickly search across Franklin’s FPS high capacity centrifugal and submersible pump catalog and find the appropriate product for you.

To get started simply go to the I&I submersible or I&I surface page and click on the Pump Selector button, or call your local sales representative for a CD version of the software. For detailed instruction, see next page.

Note: Mark Reeder, Director of Field Marketing at Franklin Electric, provided this week’s post.