Hotline FAQ – Ground Wire

Will a submersible pump run without a ground wire?

A submersible pump will run without a ground wire, the primary function of the ground wire is operator safety. Running a pump without a ground wire puts people and property at risk. Not only is it not a good idea, it is also dangerous and often in violation of regulations, and you could be held responsible for damages. The US National Electrical Code and Canadian Standards Association recognized that submersible motors are not always in steel cased water wells.  With the on-set of non-metallic materials in pumps, drop pipes and well casing, code standards require running a ground wire from the motor to the electrical power source ground, IE breaker panel, connecting to all metal parts along the way.

Will a submersible pump run without a ground wire? Yes. But for safety DON’T DO IT. Bring it up to code.

Field Service Engineers

Ever wonder who the Franklin Field Service Engineer is for your region? We make them easy to find on our website, and by visiting our Field Service Engineer page you can learn more about the engineer serving your area. This week we feature Randy Woodland, serving Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Western North Dakota, and Western Nebraska.

Why Motors Fail: Part 2

After decades of service to the water industry we are proud to continue providing quality products and reliable support. However, even in the most reliable applications, things can go wrong after installation and cause a motor to prematurely fail. Last month we took a look at reasons and causes for electrical motor failures and how to prevent them; in this issue we will continue with a look at mechanical failures.

When reviewing mechanical failures, typical issues include motor spline damage, broken or twisted shafts and damage to the radial, thrust or upthrust bearings. When a motor fails due to shaft spline damage, the problem is usually attributed to sand deposits, lime deposits, misalignment between the pump and motor, upthrusting, a loose fitting coupling or a combination of these. To protect the installation from sand or lime deposits, fill the coupling with a non-toxic FDA approved waterproof grease before assembling the spline coupling to the motor shaft. Continue reading