Hotline FAQ: Subtrol Sensor

Franklin’s motor literature talks about a Subtrol Sensor; what is that?

The Subtrol Sensor is a thermostat and transmitting device buried inside certain Franklin Electric 3-phase, 6- and 8-inch submersible motors. The Subtrol Sensor is used in combination with Franklin’s SubMonitor protection device. If the internal temperature of the motor becomes too high, the thermostat turns on the transmitter. The transmitter then sends a signal up the motor wires, which is picked up by the SubMonitor in the pump panel.  By using a Subtrol equipped motor and the SubMonitor, you get high temperature protection without running extra wires down hole.

What You Don’t Know About Lightning Can Hurt You (AMENDED)

Lightning is one of the primary causes of failure in submersible motors. Without any protection a submersible motor has approximately a 30% chance of damage by lightning-induced surges within a year. Each year lightning strikes 16 times for every square mile, starts 75,000 forest fires and, according to the National Weather Service, kills 40 Americans every year. Lightning is also one of the primary factors in the failure of submersible motors. A direct hit during a storm can knock a motor out immediately; however, it is usually a power surge that causes damage. When a motor is hit with a voltage surge a carbon track is left in the motor, and with each following surge the carbon track builds. Continue reading

Field Service in Your Region

Do you know your Field Service Engineer? The list is growing; this week features  Fred Stebbins in the Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Eastern North Dakota, Northern Missouri and the UP, and Michigan region. Learn more about the Field Service Engineer in that area, and around the country, by visiting the Field Service Engineer page.