Column-by-Column: an AIM Manual Series

The AIM Manual holds a wealth of knowledge for contractors and installers, but there are two pages that stand out, pages 13 and 14. These pages are packed with information imperative to single-phase motor installation and operation. This Franklin AID introduces a series where we will review pages 13 and 14 column-by-column, maximizing your knowledge and understanding of single-phase motor specifications.

If you are dealing with 50 Hz motors, you will need a 50 Hz AIM Manual. Also, for those dealing with a 3-phase motor, please reference the table on page 22 of the AIM Manual. This series will focus on single-phase motors and will either be 115 or 230 volts.

Beginning on page 13, column one has the heading “Type” and lists the five types of single-phase submersible motors, manufactured by Franklin Electric, starting with 4-inch, 2-wire. The “4-inch” is slightly redundant here, as 2-wire motors are only available in 4-inch. These motors are manufactured in ratings from ½ to 1.5 hp, with the ½ hp being unique in that it comes in 115 and 230 volts. It is important to keep in mind that 2-wire motors have no control box or any type of capacitor associated with them. Continue reading

Most Missed Question

by: Mark Reeder

Franklin Electric’s Certified Contractor Program recognizes those water systems contractors that have made a commitment to understanding the proper application and installation of Franklin products. Attendance at an all-day Franklin Tech session, either at the factory, or “on the road” automatically certifies a contractor.

However, water systems contractors with 5 or more years experience with Franklin products can “test-out” of BASIC Certification with an exam.

Many of you have taken the Franklin Electric Certified Contractor exam on our Key Dealer website at Looking back at the results so far, there is one question that is most frequently missed on the test:

True or False? Amp draw is a reliable indication of electrical power consumption.

The correct answer is False, but it’s an easy one to get wrong. Here’s why: Continue reading

Hotline FAQ: SubMonitor Protection

What information do I have to input when using Franklin’s SubMonitor protection system?

The SubMonitor is designed to work on motors that operate between 5 and 350 amps with worldwide standard voltages. The only information the SubMonitor needs is:

  1. Power supply of 50 or 60 Hz?
  2. Incoming line-to-line voltage?
  3. Maximum amp rating of the motor?

Everything else is factory set in the SubMonitor to provide optimum motor protection.