Even More System Protection: SubMonitor

While Pumptec and its extended family are great options for protecting single-phase systems from adverse conditions, what kind of protection is offered for three-phase systems? This week’s Franklin AID will answer that very question.

SubMonitor is designed to protect any three-phase motor rated from 3 to 200 horsepower (5 to 350 amps). SubMonitor protects submersible and aboveground systems from conditions such as low-yielding wells, pump damage, clogging, bound pumps, and power mishaps, which can be the result of overload, underload, high and low voltage, phase loss and reversal, rapid cycling, false start, or overheating.

While offering more protection than a standard system, SubMonitor also offers two unique features that aid troubleshooting in the field. First, this specific three-phase protection device has an internal memory, records and displays the history of up to 502 fault trip events, plus records changes to programmable parameters. This information can even be downloaded and transferred to a computer by using an auxiliary device, called the D3, to make the transfer.

Second, for Franklin Electric submersible motors equipped with Subtrol heat sensors, SubMonitor can also detect whether the motor is getting too hot, allowing it to cut off power to the motor before damage from overheating occurs.

Rather than using wattage or power factor to monitor systems, SubMonitor protects the motor by analyzing incoming voltage and current through integrated current transformers (CTs). It features a digital display monitor that indicates running and fault conditions.  In the event of a fault condition, a manual reset must be made to the unit before the motor can run again.

Preparing for adversity before a problem arises helps to prevent a system from needing costly repairs. SubMonitor protects from many damaging scenarios. Best of all, it can be used with any three-phase motor from 5-350 amps, not just submersibles, and not just those manufactured by Franklin Electric.

For more information about how to protect your investment in the field or for troubleshooting help, contact our Technical Service Hotline at 800.348.2420 or hotline@fele.com.

Get the printable version of this AID for your records: SubMonitor_Franklin_AID

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