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  1. My name is Dee Greeman, owner of Mountain Valley Agribusiness, LLC in Alamosa, Colorado. I manage a farm located near Deming, New Mexico. This past spring we had a pump replaced in one of our large irrigation well. The contractor was from Deming. We are and have been having issues with the pump system since May. We do know for a fact the motor is a Franklin motor. The issues have become serious enough, that the contractor, H2O Deming, LLC will not speak to us or do anything to rememdy the problem. Their agent has become rude and un-cooperative. We do not wish to work with him any longer.

    We also know that this contractor has been working to a Franklin Field Service Engineer by the name of Todd Hofstra. At this point, I am not sure if I want to speak to Mr. Hofstra either. I would like a name an phone number for your Arizona field office, that would be a manager or supervisors of Mr. Hofstra.

    Please understand we are in no way upset with Franklin. We still have several wells and pumps that will need work in the next year or so. We just need to get this issue worked out.

    I can be reached at 719 580 0218.

    Thank you!

    • I have forwarded your comment to the regional manager for your area. He should contact you soon to discuss your concerns. Thanks for opening the dialog.

  2. I have a 3yr old Subdrive 100 Constant Pressure Controller mounted in my garage. Recently, it began giving off some type of electromagnetic emission when it is on (both green lights blinking). This is being picked up by any of my 5 electric guitars, when using any of 3 guitar amplifiers located in the adjoining music room/bedroom sharing that garage wall (sounds like a loud hissing noise).. What is going on? What can I check? How can I better shield the unit? Maybe it is one component in the controller that needs better shielding? Thanks.

  3. The Franklin SubDrive Constant Pressure device is a variable frequency drive or VFD. During normal operation of a VFD, voltage spikes are created. Normally these voltage spikes are controlled within the VFD system. However, sometimes these voltage spikes escape the VFD circuits and cause electronic interference.

    In September 2008, Franklin published a technical paper on VFDs and Electromagnetic Interference or EMI. Web-address https://franklinaid.com/2008/09/ will take you to this publication. When you review this article, you will see proper grounding is one of the most effective cures for EMI. Since your system appears to have been working without issues for several years, contact your installer and have them check for ground wire issues. Filters may be needed later, but check ground connections first.

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