Franklin’s technical service hotline is made up of real people, offering real answers, in real time. Serving professional water systems distributors and contractors, our hotline boasts decades of collective industry experience.

For answers to your water systems questions, contact our hotline by phone or email. Give us a call at 800.348.2420, or an email to

Rick joined the Franklin team in 1978.  Starting as an apprentice in the Engineering Drafting department (back when drawings were done with pen and pencil).  He spent 13 years working with the design engineers and product personnel, maintaining parts lists and drawings of the submersible motor product line. Rick’s favorite part of this job was learning to read the drawings; today it helps him work with specifying engineers and spec sheets.

In 1991, Rick moved to Franklin’s Technical Service Hotline.  Quickly, he learned there is a lot more to a water system than just a motor. In his years with the Hotline, he’s become more knowledgeable in electricity, hydraulics, chemical reactions between products and human nature.  He also says that talking on the phone all day teaches you a lot about human interaction.  After worked through the ranks of the Hotline Rick is now the Manager of three Franklin Technical Support Hotlines.

Little Known Fact:  During early 1980s Rick became a historical re-enactor portraying characters from the 1750 – 1840 time period.  As part of the recreation process Rick got into blacksmithing; working with fire and steel provided a much better understanding of how heat effects motors, pumps and piping.

Wally joined Franklin in the summer of 2008 as a member of the Hotline. Previously he worked in the industry as a service and training manager, operating a service hotline for 13.5 years.  There, Wally worked with the Engineering department and managed the Warranty department. His favorite part about working in the water industry is helping people solve their water problems.

Prior to the water industry Wally worked for Lonergan Valve Company in the Engineering Department as an Application Engineer dealing with the Process and Nuclear Industry.  He worked with different materials and pressures to relieve a variety of fluids and designed compression springs for the production floor and performed calculations.  Wally’s involvement in hydraulics helps him understand the effects of pumps and water systems.

Prior to Lonergan Valve Wally worked in the Defense Industry on Classified Projects.

Little Known Fact: Wally likes to play tennis and wood/metalworking projects.

Bob has been with Franklin Electric since 2006. Previously, Bob worked in the agricultural sector where he operated, rebuilt, and repaired various types of pumps. Bob has also spent time working as an electrician and did forestry work for more than a decade, flying helicopters.

Bob’s passion is helping people and he calls on much of his previous work experience, including being a small business owner and salesman, to effectively help customers.

Little-Known-Fact: Bob enjoys spending time exploring the US through RVing and is a US History buff.

Susan joined Monarch Industries in 1973, which was aquired by Franklin Electric in 2007. For 5 years Susan worked in the Core Room, making sand cores. After that she spend a brief time in the Machine Shop before moving onto the Repair Parts Department where she is still a supervisor. On top of that Susan worked in the Customer Service Department for 10 years. Susan has gained great amounts of hands-on knowledge in her time with the company and greatly enjoys working as a Technical Support Rep.

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