Hotline FAQ: SubDrive 75

Due to the volume of calls we have received about SD75, this issue will answer several of the most frequently asked questions we have fielded. To begin, SubDrive75 is a variable speed system that provides constant water pressure and a host of other benefits to the homeowner. The entire system consists of a pump/motor assembly, the SubDrive75 controller, a pressure switch unique to SD75, and a pressure tank. The SD75 system uses a standard ¾ Hp pump mounted to a standard 1½ Hp Franklin motor (3-phase, 230V), allowing flexibility in component selection. Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this system. Continue reading

SubDrive 75: YOU made it better!

Franklin Electric has always been pleased to offer you quality, state-of-the-art electronic products for all types of submersible pumping systems, including constant pressure systems. Our in-house electronics engineering team is continually working to make our products perform better, work smarter, and last longer. A key part of their effort is the feedback we receive from you about our products, and as a direct result of your observations, we are pleased to introduce the latest member of the CP Water family, SubDrive 75. We can honestly say YOU made it better. Continue reading